TAUM Furniture Program

TAUM has changed the lives of hundreds of homeless persons, those fleeing domestic violence, as well as low income persons by providing basic furniture. In 2016 we collected and delivered 287 beds, 200 dressers, 128 kitchen sets, 253 coffee and end tables and 213 pieces of living room furniture. In addition, 380 miscellaneous items like bookshelves, nightstands, desks, microwaves, dishes, bedding, vacuums and even a few walkers, wheel chairs, lift chairs and electric beds found their way to the homes of those in need.

Our donors are happy to know their items are going to help someone re-establish or start a new life. These 1461 pieces of furniture, assessed at $270,314, reflect the generosity, compassion and empathy of our community. We were able to serve 245 families and individuals, and entered 2017 with 196 more. We are grateful for the 302 people who donated furniture and those who added a bit extra in monetary donations.

The TAUM Furniture program is so much more than a program that takes in and distributes furniture. It is a program that restores hope, encourages compassion and recycling, and brings and keeps families together.

Our priority items of need are beds, dressers and kitchen sets. If you, or someone you know has these items available, please contact Program Director Tyara Burnett at 518 274 5920 x204 or tburnett@taum.org.

We invite people who are donating furniture to consider making a tax-deductible monetary donation as well. Your support helps keep the program running!

Thank you.